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The Shropshire Micro Farm
  • The Shropshire Micro Farm

    The Shropshire Micro Farm only grow from organic seeds and all their microgreens are grown in soil, with sunlight and water. They only use low energy LED lighting when there is not enough natural light. All their packaging is either plant based (and can be composted) or recyclable.

    They  love to experiment with unusual varieties and find exciting new flavour combinations, supplying several restaurants across Shropshire and also offering a subscription service. 


    You might be asking what are microgreens? We were! 

    Microgreens are baby vegetable plants, usually harvested under two weeks old. As the shoots are picked at such a young age, they contain a huge wealth of nutrients – in some cases up to 40 times that of the mature plant.  Apart from the health benefits of microgreens, they also boast an intense flavour which can enliven any dish. Each microgreen has its own unique flavour, from the nuttiness of the sunflower shoots to the peppery kick of the radish.


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