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The Good Life Meat Co.
  • The Good Life Meat Co.

    The Good Life Meat Company produce rare breed meats and award winning charcuterie from their own livestock - they are passionate about good food from happy animals, reared in a countryside rich in wildlife.


    A Staffordshire based artisan producer of charcuterie and traditionally reared rare breed meats, they are one of a handful of UK producers who breed and rear their own livestock, which means they have full control over the whole process and know exactly what goes into each product. 


    They breed and raise their own cattle, pigs, sheep and hens and truly care about how they live, making sure they have plenty of space, living outdoors all year round, with shelter as required.

    Because their animals are unintensively reared they use relatively few veterinary products - they also want their animals to have a good death, so they use an abattoir that they know treats their animals with respect.


    They are aiming to produce as little waste as possible by starting to sell fleeces, horns, lard, and anything else which can make their enterprise truly nose-to-tail.



    +44 (0) 7720 638410

    The Engine Room
    Home Farm


    ST21 6NF

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