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Sytch Farm Studio - Wood + Metal
  • Sytch Farm Studio - Wood + Metal

    Sytch Farm Studios are a two person team working with ceramics and wood work. There's Gill - she grew up in the cornish village of St Agnes, from where she still sources her clay. Gill fell in love with clay at primary school after making a large pinch pot, when she was told her pot would not be 'real' as it was not going to be 'fired' a fascination with the material was born. Basic throwing lessons at Newquay Tretherras Secondary School led on to qualifications in Art and Design including a Master's degree in Ceramics. During 16 years of Art and Design and Ceramic teaching Gill continued to throw pots as presents for friends.


    Moving to Sytch Farm eight years ago gave her the chance to have her first private pottery and an opportunity to build on her skills. All pottery is hand thrown, turned and glazed by Gill and fired with food safe glazes in one of her two kilns. 


    Then there is Jon. Jon is a right lovely bloke, a carpenter and general maker of all things where hands are required. He has worked with wood for over 25 years. "Respect for your materials is the first rule, get the best out of the grain, the natural qualities inform me of the shape and size that the finished piece will be." Wood is sourced from Shropshire and Herefordshire where possible and always from sustainable sources. Currently in the workshop is walnut, oak, elm, ash and plane wood.


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