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Springfield Poultry
  • Springfield Poultry

    The Mee family has been hand rearing organic and free range poultry at the Herefordshire farm for nearly 60 years.


    At Springfield Poultry they slowly grow all our organic chickens and turkeys with love, care and a healthy diet. Their birds are given the freedom to roam acres of Herefordshire pastures from dawn to dusk. This healthy lifestyle with exercise, fresh air and access to natural pastures makes sure their birds are happy, healthy and full of flavour. Their dedicated stockman and his agricultural team also make certain their free range and organic poultry receive top level animal husbandry and never growth boosting hormones.


    With onsite abattoir facilities, their chickens and turkeys lead a stress free life from start to finish and their setup always guarantees minimal food to fork miles within the UK.



    01568 760270


    Springfield Farm,




    HR6 0LU

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