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Harehill Farm
  • Harehill Farm

    Harehill Farm was founded by Liam and Alice, locals to the Shropshire/Welsh borders. In 2017 they began setting up their smallholding on a seven acre parcel of bare land in the Shropshire Hills, with a view to create a low impact way of living for themselves, whilst also creating a viable business.


    They grow a variety of fruit and vegetables on a half acre site, along with producing their own lamb and free range eggs. Fresh food has always played an important part in both their lives, "we believe now more than ever there should be more small scale growers providing their local communities with delicious seasonal produce. Our aim at Hare Hill Farm is to do just that, making sure we are as low impact as possible."


    They are currently in conversion to organic, so practise the organic principles across all areas of their smallholding. Harehill Farm produce supplies local communities and restaurants for as much of the year as possible.


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