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Chatham's Organic Dairy
  • Chatham's Organic Dairy

    Chatham's skills and love of sustainable farming have been passed down over three generations and they continue to strive to ensure that everything works together in harmony on the farm today and for generations to come.


    When it comes to their cows only the best will do. We don’t use GM feeds on the farm and the herd have the freedom to ‘mooooch’ and graze on lush pastures free from artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides for up to 10 months of the year. In bad weather they relax in comfortable, spacious housing with lots of fresh straw. Their ladies are generally healthier due to their high standards of care and gentle farming techniques. This means they don’t use antibiotics routinely – in fact they use them very rarely. No system of farming has overall lower use of antibiotics than organic farming (Soil Association).


    Looking after their land organically also helps conserve biodiversity, which is great news for all the other wildlife and mini-beasts that make their homes on the farm. 


    Brockton Grange GRANGE

    TF11 9LZ



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