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Appleby's Dairy
  • Appleby's Dairy

    The dairy and farm are part of the rhythm of family life at Hawkstone Abbey Farm. Their desire to have a more harmonious relationship with the biodynamics of the land has prompted a recent change. The farm has undergone a conversion towards a more regenerative and sustainable way of farming.


    Each cloth bound Cheshire encapsulates a moment in time – the soil, the traditional grass pastures, the gentle cows, the weather, the season. The fresh, raw milk is the master ingredient, to which they add traditional cultures, rennet, salt from the Cheshire Plains and the extract of the annatto seed, which gives their coloured Cheshire it’s warm sunrise colour. These time capsules are matured in old barns with napoleonic timbers. The provenance and flora of their natural surroundings give their Appleby’s cheeses a flavour that is totally unique.


    The future of British Territorial cheeses like Appleby’s is exciting. Small traditional farmhouse dairies making delicious, thought-provoking cheeses from a herd of grazing animals that give people pleasure as they eat would be a marvellous legacy for farmers and cheesemakers over the centuries.



    01948 840221


    Hawkstone Abbey Farm



    SY4 5LN


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