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Alex Gooch Bakery
  • Alex Gooch Bakery

    Alex Gooch Bakery makes a wide range of products including 100% rye sourdoughs, mixed grain sourdoughs, heritage grain sourdoughs, ciabatta, 100% spelt, challah burger buns and pastries. They also create bespoke loaves for customers if they ask for it.


    Their wild yeast starter and long fermentation act as a natural preservative and flavour enhancer, giving their bread superb depth of flavour, character and much higher nutritional value. 


    Alex trained as a chef from the age of seventeen. When working with Daphne Lambert, an inspiring and hugely knowledgeable chef and nutritionist, he became more and more interested in bread. From there he set up his own bakery in Hay-on-Wye. 


    Growing without the use of artificial chemicals (e.g. pesticides, herbicides and fungicides) is essential to preserve soil health and biodiversity (amongst other things). Alex is very conscious that we should work with nature rather than against it so all ingredients used in his bakery are organically grown. He also believes that the way our culture has developed to use and abuse animals is fundamentally wrong so the bakery is 100% vegan.



    01497 822 708

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